Winter Blues, Logos, Dogs...

Howdy fine folks of the internet. It has indeed been a while since my last update. Rest easy, because the wheels are still in (slow) motion (pun intended). I fully expected things to be hit or miss during the bulk of the summer. We have had to delay and/or cancel a few sessions due to either wind, cold temperatures, as well as copious snow. Additionally, a few small repairs on the van have delayed things a bit as well. Oh, the joys of old vehicles. Truly a labor of love.

Well, folks, I promise that things to come will be well worth the wait. I have about a dozen people confirmed for sessions in the coming months, and as we slowly creep out of the icy (but sunny) embrace of the Colorado winter, the sessions will be picking up quite a bit. We have have something fun and excited planned for later this week, so stay tuned!

In the meantime we have been working hard on other fun projects. A new logo has been completed and will be printed on t-shirts and stickers very soon. I'm incredibly stoked with how it came out, and would love to thank everyone involved in bringing the design to life! Big cheers to having talented friends. Last week, while patiently awaiting my lovers return from her stint in warm and sunny Guatemala, I had the sheer pleasure of being snowed in, only to be comforted by the warm embrace of these two beasts.