Megan Rice vs. The Wind

For the latest Little House of Sound session we ventured into the beautiful Poudre Canyon in Belvue, CO with Megan Rice. It was the windiest day we've had in Northern Colorado for a few weeks, but we proceeded as scheduled. As usual, the drive was gorgeous. As we chugged through the winding roads up the canyon we admired its in your face beauty. Even after the fires in this region a few years back, the hills of the canyon still showcase majestic coniferous forests peppered among jagged rock faces all split in two by the might Poudre River. Even with the wind it was a much warmer than average day. Sitting in the sun, it must have been 65 degrees. It can be such hard work recording great musicians in beautiful areas (sarcasm for those of you that don't know me well enough), so it's a good thing we stopped off to fill a growler with Equinox Brewing's Crazy Cliff Rye IPA before heading out. By the end it was clear we should have filled two.

Megan's songs were a real joy to record. Lucky for us she took time away from recording with one of her bands, Shark Dreams, and was glad to be a part of the project. We recorded four of her songs, and then she sat in to sing harmony with Josh Seymour of one of his songs. We did of course run into a few issues with the wind, and they will likely be heard in the recordings, but such is nature. 

At the end, we packed everything up and began to head home, all the while chatting and getting to know more about each other. It's becoming increasingly obvious to me how much this project really means, and my favorite part is spending time with artists and getting to know more about what music really means to them. 

Stay tuned to the sessions page in the coming week for Megan's music.

Peace, Eric T. Smith