Winter Blues, Logos, Dogs...

Howdy fine folks of the internet. It has indeed been a while since my last update. Rest easy, because the wheels are still in (slow) motion (pun intended). I fully expected things to be hit or miss during the bulk of the summer. We have had to delay and/or cancel a few sessions due to either wind, cold temperatures, as well as copious snow. Additionally, a few small repairs on the van have delayed things a bit as well. Oh, the joys of old vehicles. Truly a labor of love.

Well, folks, I promise that things to come will be well worth the wait. I have about a dozen people confirmed for sessions in the coming months, and as we slowly creep out of the icy (but sunny) embrace of the Colorado winter, the sessions will be picking up quite a bit. We have have something fun and excited planned for later this week, so stay tuned!

In the meantime we have been working hard on other fun projects. A new logo has been completed and will be printed on t-shirts and stickers very soon. I'm incredibly stoked with how it came out, and would love to thank everyone involved in bringing the design to life! Big cheers to having talented friends. Last week, while patiently awaiting my lovers return from her stint in warm and sunny Guatemala, I had the sheer pleasure of being snowed in, only to be comforted by the warm embrace of these two beasts. 

Megan Rice vs. The Wind

For the latest Little House of Sound session we ventured into the beautiful Poudre Canyon in Belvue, CO with Megan Rice. It was the windiest day we've had in Northern Colorado for a few weeks, but we proceeded as scheduled. As usual, the drive was gorgeous. As we chugged through the winding roads up the canyon we admired its in your face beauty. Even after the fires in this region a few years back, the hills of the canyon still showcase majestic coniferous forests peppered among jagged rock faces all split in two by the might Poudre River. Even with the wind it was a much warmer than average day. Sitting in the sun, it must have been 65 degrees. It can be such hard work recording great musicians in beautiful areas (sarcasm for those of you that don't know me well enough), so it's a good thing we stopped off to fill a growler with Equinox Brewing's Crazy Cliff Rye IPA before heading out. By the end it was clear we should have filled two.

Megan's songs were a real joy to record. Lucky for us she took time away from recording with one of her bands, Shark Dreams, and was glad to be a part of the project. We recorded four of her songs, and then she sat in to sing harmony with Josh Seymour of one of his songs. We did of course run into a few issues with the wind, and they will likely be heard in the recordings, but such is nature. 

At the end, we packed everything up and began to head home, all the while chatting and getting to know more about each other. It's becoming increasingly obvious to me how much this project really means, and my favorite part is spending time with artists and getting to know more about what music really means to them. 

Stay tuned to the sessions page in the coming week for Megan's music.

Peace, Eric T. Smith

Mystified by John Major Jenkins

Had the extreme pleasure of spending the afternoon with John Major Jenkins. John is a man who wears many hats. He is an author/poet, a songwriter, and a scholar on Mayan cosmology (though he would never claim to be). He showed me his incredible vintage printing press (one of many that he owns), which is fully functional and he uses for his own projects and those of friends. John has published many books on a multitude of subjects, and has been featured in numerous documentaries and historical based TV series. John enchanted us with a couple songs, and a couple of his poems. 

Following John's suggestion, we drove up to Missile Site Park in Greeley, CO. What an extremely interesting location! It's an abandoned missile silo that once was the first line of defense against a nuclear strike by the Soviet Union during the Cold War. The 19,000 square feet of space underneath the site is now used for tours and educational purposes. Also, it has a stellar view of the rockies including 14,259' Longs Peak. 

After the session, John, myself and my good friend Josh spent a little time enjoying some tasty brews at High Hops Brewery/Hop Farm and getting to know each other a little better. It was a treat, and a great way to conclude today's session. 

Stay tuned to the Sessions page in the coming days for the complete set of videos.

An afternoon with Mike McGraw

 Hey y’all. Meet Mike McGraw! This week, Mike and I went out to the East Valley of Lory State Park and recorded what I am considering to be the first “real” session as the project was intended to be, which is solar powered and in a beautiful location. 

Mike has been in Fort Collins for 10 years where he plays in local bands Mosey West and Shark Dreams. In addition, he has a wonderful catalogue of his own great tunes which he was so generous to share. A lot of talent here, and the songs speak for themselves. 



I had a lot of fun editing these wonderful songs. Click on the sessions page to enjoy more of Mike's beautiful music!

PEACE, Little House of Sound